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My RGB FiberLamp responds to 4 DMX addresses, how can I change it to respond to only 3 DMX addresses?


The FL210, FL211, FL2100 and FL2110 FiberLamp models respond to four DMX addresses. The DMX address sequence 1, 2, 3 and 4 control the Red, Green, Blue and Pushbutton mode 7,respectively. Mode 7 corresponds to the seventh pushbutton setting on the FiberLamp and can be set to any color using the software LightMix. Mode 7 is factory set to an RGB mix to 6500K White. If you want to dim a special color via DMX, simply set mode 7 to that color and control the intensity with the fourth DMX address. If you don´t want the FiberLamp to show any light when using the fourth DMX address, then simply save a zero light setting to mode 7. With mode 7 set to no light, the FiberLamp will not respond to the fourth DMX address and the FiberLamp virtually responds only to 3 DMX addresses.


How do you set up the FiberLamp for DMX daisy chaining?


For the FL210, FL211, FL2100 and FL2110, there is only one RJ45 connector for DMX connection. If the FiberLamp is in the middle of a daisy chain, a 2 to 1 RJ45 splitter should be used; one connector for the FiberLamp, and the other two for the in and out DMX lines.

For the FL5200 and FL5600, there are two sets of DMX connectors on the FiberLamp: one set for a daisy chain that uses RJ45 connection, and another set for using XLR5 connection. Within each set of connectors are designated DMX in and out connectors. The DMX line from the DMX controller should connect to the DMX in connector and the line used to continue the DMX signal should connect to the DMX out connector.

The FL15, FL50 and FL100 cannot be controlled with DMX.

Q: What is a homogenizer used for?

The Dense Matrix™ LED light source may be small, but it still is still made of several different LED chips, which could introduce color uniformity issues in small core stranded fiber. The homogenizer blends the light from all of the LEDs so that the light going into each small core fiber strands has the same amount of light from each LED. Light going into each strand will have the same color as a result. For large core fiber, there are no color uniformity issues because there is only one fiber, so a homogenizer is not necessary.


How do I set the DMX address on the FiberLamp?


For the FL210, FL211, FL2100, and FL2110, the DMX address is set using the LightMix software. Refer to the manual for details.

For the FL5200 and FL5600, the DMX address is set using the DIP-switch above the DMX connectors. Refer to manual for a table of DIP-switch settings corresponding to the respective DMX address.

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