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  The FiberLamp Story
  FiberLamp began with the inspiration to couple Dense Matrix LED technology and traditional fiber optic lighting techniques to rejuvenate the use of fiber optic illumination in professional and specialty lighting.

Fiber optic lighting systems passively emit light generated by an independent light source and transport it with fiber. The light can be directed anywhere, including hard to reach places, locations that require remote illumination or sites that cannot use electricity at the point of light. A number of different, unique and spectacular lighting applications and lighting effects like exploding volcanoes or star ceilings are possible with fiber optic configurations.

Fiber optics traditionally use metal halide or halogen illuminators that are often bulky, hot to the touch and consume anywhere from 100 to 250 watts of energy depending on the bulb. FiberLamp recognized the improvements LEDs could offer fiber optic illumination, so we introduced Dense Matrix LED technology as the light-emitting source for fiber optic illumination. As a result, FiberLamps are compact, more quiet, and energy-efficient, and they also use multiple channels to brilliantly mix colors, which are dynamically controlled through DMX.

Today, FiberLamp's illuminators still combine the best of both fiber optic illumination and Dense Matrix LED technology. We offer a range of illuminators for both indoor and outdoor applications from our 36-watt product line to our 96-watt FL5100, which are able to compete with all types of traditional illuminators, including 250-watt metal halides with color wheel. FiberLamp is proud to continue to develop its product line and advance its technology providing customers with brighter illuminators and a variety of options for an unlimited number of applications.
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